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Our motto is simple… Be well. Be able.

We are Andrew Befumo, Jr. and Kristen Adams, two longtime friends with a passion for health, wellness and living our best lives! We truly believe everyone has the ability to BE WELL and BE ABLE by transforming their personal wellbeing. Good health and a good life come by educating one another and providing the best tools. We show up to work every day because we have the desire to ensure everyone around us has this opportunity, too!

Kristen and Andrew coming together seemed like the perfect link to making this dream a reality because they both have numerous years of specialized, dynamic backgrounds dealing with customer needs. They also have their own unique motivational drive offering relatable stories and extraordinary products. They recognized immediately that there is not a “one size fits all” approach and created the perfect lineup of products to reflect this with the understanding that each client is unique.

We set our brand apart because we elect to be regulated in an unregulated industry. Believe us when we tell you that we were skeptics once! But after trying CBD for the first time, there was no turning back. This is why we only collaborate with top-rated scientists that lab test each batch.

We built this company as a reflection of our own experiences with CBD and wellness products we are proud of. For us this is not just a company, it is a true opportunity to inform others about how to improve your health during the most groundbreaking time in the history of CBD and wellness.

Products you love created by people who care.

We are making it our mission to share our life-changing experiences and making the products responsible for making it possible available to the world!

Most people hear the term CBD and assume it is illegal and just a different name for marijuana. Knowledge is so important and throughout the history of time, it has been a living breathing topic that is constantly evolving. So why are we just learning about the benefits now? Great question!

Andrew and Kristen both discovered the power these products hold in their own distinctive ways. For Andrew, his story began as a busy mortgage professional, husband and father trying to balance family life with his wellness regimen and often found himself too tired to hit the gym. He also needed to keep his mind clear because most of his career dealt with critical financial data. He has been setting his own personal records hitting the gym and improving his overall health and fitness since he has been taking the CBD oil. Kristen’s story is quite different, yet just like most of our customers, there are some commonalities. We love that about CBD!

Kristen struggled with severe digestive problems for nearly 12 years. She was frustrated with the chemicals and dyes that were loaded in so many beauty products. She also felt anxious juggling her workload as a business owner for multiple companies, a wife and mother and not getting sufficient rest. Additionally, her own mother eventually lost her battle with a very aggressive cancer. One thing that stuck out in Kristen’s mind about her mother’s battle was how much she benefited from CBD oil. During her chemotherapy treatment, it enabled her to eat, sleep and nourish her body while supporting her immune system. So, when the idea of taking CBD herself was presented, she felt it was worth a try. Well, the results were impressive! In less than 24 hours, her digestive track improved, and she was able to think more clearly. She also had a balance of career and family while still maintaining the energy she needed to accomplish her tasks because she is getting restful sleep. She also discovered the possibility of using beauty products that did not produce harmful elements while reducing redness, acne and dryness.

Share what’s happening behind the scenes

Scientists are continuously exploring new options to enhance the formulas we currently have with better absorption rates, higher concentrate cbdA and the purest formulas.

We are partnered with leaders in the industry for both production and lab testing. We never want to compromise quality.

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There are many companies out there that are promoting similar products, but very little are offering the exceptional quality you will find with us combined with outstanding customer experiences. We choose only top of the line products and ensure each batch is lab tested with a certificate of analysis.

Offering uncapped commission, ownership buyout, and three different tiers to join, what are you waiting for? This could prove to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking time as the industry is predicted to grow to $22 Billion by 2022. Change your life by improving your health and help us share it with the world!

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretsky

aka “The Great One”, professional ice hockey player, head coach.


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